Hello, world!

Ok, since I think the title just makes sense, I’ll just retain this. It makes sense and I can’t think of a good one right now.

So here I am again, starting another blog. I have another blog at Livejournal but I’ve rarely updated it ever since July 2008. Actually, this blog is a requirement (kinda, hehe, peace Buddy Shai. Acknowledge my presence!), but then I said I’d like to give blogging one more chance. And here she is, Niña.

Why Niña? Guess I’ll leave the explaining for later. Of course I have my reasons, but I’d rather look at the wonderful name I made for this WordPress blog  (for once).

November 11 updates:

* I’m sick. I have a clogged nose, accompanied by occasional coughing. And I’m getting the feeling that pretty soon, I’m going to catch a fever. Uh-oh, I gotta rest soon.

* School’s been nice to me, so far. And for once, I’m returning the love back. Not much fanfare, but I like it more that way.

* Still have work and stuff to do, but I have to rest first. Statistics 101, I hope you’ll retain me. HAHA, kasalanan ko bang di ko alam na kailangan muna ng Math 11 before taking Stat, considering I’m from English Studies? Well, maybe, yes. I should’ve checked. But let’s see what happens tomorrow. And oh, I think Chem 16’s going to be a lot of fun. I shall study. After I rest up. Haha.

So now, I’ve written on another blank slate. Hoping this will be a good one.


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  1. shai panela Said:

    Hey budz! Nice site! and nice entry!

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