After Christmas

This has been the most serene Christmas I had since…forever. I mean, it’s the usual Christmas almost everytime when that date comes – fruit salad, relatives, a small Christmas tree, noche buena, and the occasional firework explosion outside. What’s different about this year, though, is that 1) I felt like a kid again – getting giddy when I (re)discovered that some of the people my family visited earlier were my cousins and aunt pala; 2) It’s really about His birth above all else – I usually treated Christmas as more of an earthly holiday than anything else before, and 3) It’s not about the price of the gifts. (Ok, I can’t really continue that phrase, but I hope you get what I mean.)

By the way, I haven’t greeted everyone I know through the various media I have. However, an orgmate provided me with an excuse – it’s still the Yuletide season so why bother if I didn’t complete my Christmas greetings? It’s just one day in the Christmas season. But of course, I recognize that Christmas day is more special than the other days in the season – and sorry na lang sa mga di ko nagreet. Kidding. Anyway, for the special people (naks!) in my life, I have a little something for you. Which I won’t divulge here.

Anyway, have a happy holidays, everyone! I hope you had a happy birthday, Kuya Jess.

December 26 updates:

~ I’m sick. AGAIN. I have a cough, singaw (I don’t know what to call that in English), and tonsilitis. And because of that, it’s a big chore to eat, to yawn, and to speak. Yikes. Happy holidays to me. Though it can be God telling me to eat what I can eat, because I have this tendency to get more than what I can actually consume.

– ICTUS won in carstuffing – again! Yey! And speaking of, I still owe my friend and colleague Sandy articles for our org newsletter.

– Attending the Sunday Mass regularly has reinvigorated me. I’m happier and more resilient now but I still have to resolve certain issues. But I know God’s on my side so it’s all up to me now.

– I haven’t updated my journal for a LONG time. I guess it’s another one of those long lulls, but I swear I’m going to write there again. It’s two and a half years old anyway.

– My buddy and dear friend, CJ and I watched Dinig Sana Kita (again) last December 15. Good times with her.

So there. I hope I can update this regularly. I actually forgot my username and password for a while, but I resolved it eventually.

And sorry, if I forgot about you, Nina. I will try to remember you more often that I did.


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