Earlier this day, I bought a planner for 2010. It’s my third time buying one, although this would be the first time that I bought a big one; my first two planners were from Papemelroti, the small ones which can be tucked inside one’s pocket. Two times I bought a planner, and both times I neglected keeping it within three weeks. Here’s to hoping that this time around, matutukan ko na ang pagpaplano, para di hassle kapag iniisip ko na ang mga dapat kong gawin. Hehe. :p

When I thought about it as I was going home, though, wouldn’t it be kind of contradictory for me to buy a planner when I have always known myself as some sort of a spontaneous kind of person? Hmmm. To be fair, I tend to be OC if I do plan stuff out, to the extent na I’d try to control things not in my grasp. Oh well. So much for thinking. I might be better off not thinking whether I’m a planner or a…non-planner (for a lack of a better term in my mind right now).

Or maybe it’s because of that so-called quarter-life crisis. Who knows.

If it’s indeed a crisis, then I guess I’ll be saving that for another blog entry.


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