Projects for the next 33 hours

…because I might fail again at my own set goals for the remaining 33 hours of 2009. Here goes:

~ A pseudo-photoblog of all significant personal events for 2009 (Facebook? Here?).

~ Greet anyone and everyone I know a blessed New Year and a happy closure to the Christmas season.

~ Read my Chem 16 lecture and laboratory stuff. Same goes for my Socio 11, Math 11, CD 11, Kas 1. (On second thought, those are my subjects for this sem. Ergo – READ.)

~ Plan out my early January 2010 on my planner.

That’s it for now. And oh, let me try this…

Ack, I thought I could upload music here but no! I have to buy a Space Upgrade for that and I don’t have the money 😦

But then, it might be easier to have my photoblog here. That’s enough of a consolation.

Ok, good luck to me. 33 hours isn’t so long considering I have a wrecked body clock (3 AM sleeping time. Gah, :/).

2009, you will be missed.


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