January 1

One of my friends shared in her Plurk that the first challenge in the new year is to write dates using 2010 – and not 2009. It makes sense.

Let’s try this. Sample sentence: January 1, 2010 is the first day in the last year of the first decade of the 21st century. Ok, at least I made a passable sentence.

On to more serious stuff – yesterday’s New Year’s Eve celebration was the best I had in my life. It easily beats out every other year in my 20 years of existence. There were so many people (I wish the others who weren’t there were present, but as The Julian says, ‘wag hanapin ang sarap ng doughnut sa butas nito), and almost every moment made me laugh. Not to mention the good food – although of limited variety, they were delicious, as always.

The most significant thing for me was the fact that this was the first family event in which I really had fun and joy in. Thank You, Lord. Thank You for a good 2009, that happy New Year’s Eve, and for a chance to make another year a better one.

January 1 updates:

* I’ve almost completely over my threesome of sickness I had last Christmas. Oh yeah. Thank You, again!

* School stuff awaits. And I’ve done zilch. Yikes.

* In other words, after all the happy events of the holiday season, it’s time to go back to the arms of reality. Yuck. :)) I have to organize all the stuff I’ll be doing for this month. And even beyond.

* My first realization for the first day of the new year: I wish we could’ve gotten a better view of the fireworks (yes, not firecrackers) that our neighbors had last night. I was about to damn the trees blocking our view but, hey, I’d rather have those trees blocking my view now than a HOT future I wouldn’t like to live in.

* So, my New Year’s resolution: plant one tree a month!

Song of the moment: Crazier Things, Marie Digby


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