March 11 (It’s been a long time…)

…since I blogged. Whoa, I think I have never been so detached from writing. I don’t even write on my journal anymore. It’s so sad, really, when I look back at it, so I am hoping yet again that this will be the spark of something new (in writing, anyway).

Obviously, a lot has happened. I hope I can enumerate a few that has happened the past week at least, just so I can see how manic-depressive I have been (hehe).

* Sunday, March 7 – ’twas an eventful day! Attended the  first part of the Final Rites of our applicants in UPJC, then Scholars’ School in ICTUS after, then our Immersion slash Field Work slash whatever you want to call it where Karen (my CD 11 classmate) and I did story telling and so much more with the kids. After that, I attended my UPSCAn (UP Student Catholic Action) friends’ play, Papuri. I really had fun watching my Chem 16 (and freshmen!) friends take the lead roles in a big event but unfortunately I didn’t get to watch the first part. Which is sad, but anyway, I had Mass after with dear friend Ging and Sandy and bAna. And finally, I went to the just-concluded (and aforementioned) FR and well…even though it was kinda late, I jumped into the pool (the venue had a pool..) because the weather made me feel so sticky (trans: malagkit). What a day, I must say.

* Monday, March 8 – My last PCMC session as the Community Service Coordinator. I really felt that I didn’t really make that much of a ripple when I was there but still I was glad I was given the chance. And I had the most attendees of any PCMC session last Monday 🙂 After that, I had a mini-shoot with my Socio 11 classmates for our docu-musical.

* Tuesday, March 9 – I had my CD 11 exams. Gah. I’ve always believed that the real CD exams are on the field (excuses, Marc, excuses), but owell, I haven’t done much READING lately.

After that, came a paasa (very much) moment and the last ICTUS Tuesday Mass of the school year.

* Wednesday, March 10 – After a Math 11 quiz that I can’t seem to solve, I thought to myself, “It’s degrading to my humanity if I can’t even solve a Math 11 quiz.” Then more frustration in my Chem 16 lab, I could only laugh after. Grrr. Don’t worry, no one to blam but myself.

My org, UP ICTUS, will be having a Medical Mission this Saturday. Please do pray for the success of our event. Thank you!


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