300-word write-up

One day, I asked our fellow orgmate on words he’d associate whenever he remembers Krisel.

Dive. Egg.

There is little connection between these two seemingly innocuous things until I tell you that on one December night, she actually tripped (not dived) trying to “save” an egg for a carstuffing competition. (The eggs were important because if you break one, it amounted to a one-person deduction to the total count of stuffed people.) And yes, we won.

That she tripped is a trait of hers one can’t ignore – she is clumsy. Totally. But the way she reacts after incidents is definitely more memorable – she’d just adorably laugh her way out of it. If we delve more into her psyche, we’ll find out that she’s equally nuts when it comes to books. She’d recognize lines coming from Peeta of The Hunger Games faster than the Arabian desert melts ice.

While the majority of students would prefer to burn the early-morning oil when it comes to studying, she’d choose to sleep. A friend of hers actually accused her of being antuken on her Facebook wall; she responded that she’s just saving her energy. Or maybe she spends her sleeping time on meditating, because life makes fools out of people. (This is a direct translation of nakakabobo ang buhay. Yes, she said that.)

Finally, when I asked her on the things only she knows, she revealed her rather…nasty side. To balance the scales, she told me she was kind – and nothing else (because she told me she needed time to meditate more about her positive traits), though it’s more than enough.

The quote “fall seven times, stand up eight” just falls short of what I’ll use to describe her in a nutshell.

She stands up, wounded, yet with a smile.


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