Maybe I should turn to the ‘heavens’ for more signs

Forgive me if the use of the word “heavens” in this phrase is a little skewed. But hey, sometimes we get carried away with the use of popular connotations regarding some terms so yes, permit me to do so now.

The last time I asked God for a sign, I didn’t quite get it. I won’t tell you what the sign I asked for was, but then, I believed He did send me that sign. It wasn’t clear back then, for all I got was a glimpse of the sign – and it wasn’t that clear enough.

But anyway. What’s funny and frustrating at the same time when it comes to me asking signs from the heavens (or God), is that even though it’s basically a black-and-white proposition (When I see this or that, I should or should not pursue this endeavor. Whatever), I would violate my own rules anyway, just for the sake of the pursuit of my shallow happiness (Mababaw na kaligayahan, for those who will bother to see its direct translation).

So maybe I shouldn’t seek the heavens for signs, after all.

Or maybe I will. And next time I do, I should follow the rules I set.



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