And Noynoy eats a New York hotdog

Don’t get me wrong, I don’t like the man and what he’s doing to state universities and colleges (slashing the budget when you want the country to have a better future in education? What the hell?). But if there was an award for a not-so-subtle dig at your predecessor, then he might have won many of those.

Case in point: who remembers the time when former President Arroyo and her entourage ate at Le Cirque that cost approximately $20,000. The defense was that someone else paid for the bill, but what the heck, that amount could have gone to several other institutions that badly needed help.

But anyway. This was the statement that really caught my attention: “Alangan namang pakainin natin ng hotdog ang presidente.” What the hell? I would’ve done that in a heartbeat! It reeks of insensitivity, to say the least.

And this morning, I heard the news that President Noynoy Aquino did eat hotdogs at New York, no less, where Le Cirque is located. Again, I don’t like him, but there’s something to think about and, yes, to be applauded at.

Good symbolic act, Mr. President. Now, if Noy could actually jumpstart sweeping reforms for the Philippines.



  1. Juan dela Cruz Said:

    Man, Give him a break he did that to please the Masa… its a long road to Greatness… dont be an A**hole let him do his thing…. your Case in point is True, every word is true…

    Dumb ass….

    • Marc Said:

      Can’t blame you for saying that.

      It’s a start, for sure, but we all hope he gets past all those symbolic actions.

      I don’t like him but I do recognize the need to believe in him.

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