Reality is strange (Part 1,004)

Earlier this month, I took a series of IQ tests (or whatever you call them; they were for evaluation purposes) at the Office of Counseling and Guidance (OCG) in UP. This was for my shifting process to CSWCD, as they said they needed it to evaluate if I’m fit for the course I’m applying to. (I passed; now, I’m a Community Development major who’ll be graduating in 2013.)

There was this test that determined which course I’m best suited to enroll in, based on my answers. Add to that, was the caveat that I should answer as quickly as possible, without much thinking, as this (they said) would alter the results. So I shaded away.

When I came back for the results, I was shocked. Why? I only got one A grade (which means that the course was highly recommended for me) – guess where I was most fit.

It was on Music Teaching!

*cue jaw drop icon*

Not that I’m not pleased – but it really is very astounding that that was the result that came out. I never dreamed of becoming a music major, not even a music teacher for that matter. One thing that factored in the result was that I answered quite a few music-related questions to the affirmative – which shows interest, not ability, in music. So maybe that’s why Music Teacher came up as A-. (The rest were either B or C.)

Something definitely went wrong here.

Or was it really wrong? Hmmmm.



  1. Hahaha. *mala-strangers* Music Teaching. Are you sure? =))

  2. Marc Said:

    Strangers? : ))

    And I’m very sure. NOT.

  3. Ging Said:

    Gusto ko rin maging isang Music teacher! Kung kaya ko lang. : )) haha.. as in HAHAHAHA!! Yung tipong kaya kong tapatan si sexy back! RAWR!

    • Marc Said:

      Kaya mo naman talaga eh 🙂 Be patient 😀

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