Day 1 – Productivity equals happiness

…even though I did nothing acad-related today. Oh, oh, that counts as a serious everyday offense for a college student like me until you note that four of my five classes last week were cancelled for one reason or another. Funnier thing, they were all major subjects on my new home college. *cue sparks all over the place*

What I did today was for my organization, UP ICTUS. I fixed some things regarding the apostolate I was tasked to coordinate (Catechism). After that, I went to the organizational house (a.k.a tambayan) and jotted things down on my planner. Why I’m more productive in school than in home is kind of puzzling, yet I know many can also tell that it happens to them, too. It’s really hard trying to work at home knowing that this is your place of retreat from all the work and the crap reality provides and yet, what you bring in your bedroom is a baggage full of work and worry.

But I digress.

After some idle moments, we had our weekly Executive Committee meeting. Kinda self-explanatory there, but it was a fun one. And, surprise, we got to finish within one and a half hours.

Last thing (which was actually unplanned) was that I sang with the Campus Ministry Volunteer Group (CMVG) people for the 6 o’clock Monday Mass. And then I went home –

On to unproductivity but noooo! I will continue to work. Heehee. Hope this’ll be a trend-setter~

And oh, I will not post a picture of mine. Unless I get my face redone by some demigod who knows what’s best for my face.


Song: Bookends – Simon and Garfunkel


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