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CMVG’s Advent Recollection

It was 11:34 AM in a cloudy morning when I arrived in front of the Cenacle Retreat House. I rang the doorbell, then entered. When I finished checking in at the office, I went straight to the Conference Room; Sister Yna Oñate, the retreat presider, was there. She then gave me the first activity that my fellow-retreat goers did: a reflection on Isaiah 35:5-10 (Joy of the Redeemed, NIV)*, as well as to draw a symbolism of the significant symbols that marked one’s life.

Lunch then was served after the activity, and then the 17 of us went back to doing another reflection Sr. Yna gave us: Luke 1:26-38, which tells us the foretelling of Jesus’ birth and that Mary was the one chosen to bear Christ in her womb. Along that were some questions, one of which was particularly noteworthy: how would we react if we were given news of such magnitude, something which gives us responsibility for the birth of the one Most High?

After our reflection session, we proceeded to watch Joshua, a film inspired by a book by Fr. Joseph Girzone. It tells the story of a man named Joshua, who arrives at the town of Auburn and becomes an instant blessing to the townspeople there, spreading compassion and leading by example. We had a post-movie discussion by pairs, and then we were asked by Sr. Yna to share a word which was the predominant theme of the recollection that day.

We then went to the dining room to have a symbolic breaking of the bread with Father Mike and had dinner. Concluding our day was a prayer and the usual photo session, and we left the Cenacle Retreat House with a renewed excitement coming into the Advent season.

CMVG participates in UP Parish Simbang Gabi festivities

The Campus Ministry Volunteer Group (CMVG) sponsored the December 17 UP Simbang Gabi Mass, singing with the members from various Catholic Students’ Community (CSC) organizations and also giving an offering for the said celebration.

The Mass also marked the last Simbang Gabi appearance of outgoing UP President Emerlinda Roman, who had also graced the second Simbang Gabi night Masses the previous years.

After the Mass, CMVG held a short bonding session held at the Delaney Hall with the CSC orgs in attendance. They ate breakfast together and also played some games after they ate.


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