CDC Glass Door and Road Painting

Rain or shine, the FLCD Circle always has a colorful day in its hands.

On June 2 and 3, Circlers had a fun time painting and repainting designs on the road leading to the Child Development Center. Under the scorching heat of the sun – and under the shadows provided by the trees, people gave new life to the designs that have been previously faded by the elements. People who participated in either day of the road painting were Bea Estrada, Carina Suarez, Charm Siocon, Ian Bayta, Jasmine Dizon, Joanna Sta. Isabel, Joi Tiu, LA Santos, Laurie Quiambao, Marc Lalas, RJ Soriano, T-Ann Oleta, Tintin Roque and Yssa Idolor.

Meanwhile, on June 3 and 9, the FLCD Circle cleaned CDC’s glass door in order to paint a new design on it. The book cover chosen for the new glass door design was Virgilio Almario’s Paradise of the Animals, the illustrations of which were drawn by Joanne de Leon. June 3 was not enough to clean the glass door and paint the designs, so the painting was extended on June 9, a rainy enrollment day. Alexa Carreon, Bea Estrada, Charm Siocon, Chato Racoma, Ian Bayta, Janina del Valle,  Jill Ponio, Joanna Sta. Isabel, Joi Tiu, LA Santos, Marc Lalas, Mariko Nisce, Maxine Sta. Maria, Paul Mishuku, Sarah Lazaga and Sassja Cucueco.





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