Why I’m here. And other answers to your questions.

Who am I?

Hello. Hi. I’m Marc, a 20-year-old studying at the University of the Philippines – Diliman. I’m shifting out to BS Family Life and Child Development wherever I apply (yeah, I know it’s weird but please do pray for me). I believe in a life of service and devotion to God. Say what?! Anyway, it’s your choice to believe me or make a lie out of me, but that’s partly why Niña, my latest (!) blog, exists.

Why is my background page green when it’s titled White pastures?

I just had to give it the title White pastures because (for me, anyway) this blog is yet another little symbol of a fresh start for me. So why is my layout green? Actually, I didn’t go for the color of the layout, I went for the layout itself. So, White pastures = green bg page? Go figure.

(Ok, the last two sentences are now rendered obsolete. The background as of now is color yellow, complete with my favorite banana smoothie. Now it makes it harder for people (yeah, I know, there are a select few who visit my site, kahit papaano) to tell why this blog’s called White pastures. Oh well.)

Why is the blog named Niña?

You want a clue? Go watch Mike Sandejas’ Dinig Sana Kita. Shameless plugging, I know, but you won’t regret watching it.

By the way, WordPress did not allow the letter ñ ib my username; however, please read it as Niña. Heehee. 😀


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